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Share at the coffee table

Share at the coffee table, peergroup for people who have cancer themselves

When you have or had cancer, the foundation of your existence has been seriously shaken. Nothing is self-evident anymore. Your loved ones are often sweet and caring, but it is difficult for others to fully understand the impact cancer has on you, your possible partner, our family and future.
And then, there are fear, uncertainty, insecurity, fatigue and maybe even a different look on life. These are topics that others with the same experiences easily understand. Because, with all the differences each patient experiences, there are also similarities.
Sharing the impact of the illness with oyhers in a safe environment can be helpful and meaningful. Possible topics could be: What challenges do you face? How does your environment react to your struggles and what does that mean to you? What expectations do you have? What are you having troubles with? What is going well?

We have a group for Dutch-speaking clients as well, but we have received some requests to start an English speaking group - so here it is!
Would you like to join this support group?

For: Anyone who has or had cancer and does not speak Dutch well enough to join a Dutch-speaking group

When: Wednesday March 20th afternoon from 1:30 PM—3.00 PM

Costs: A donation is welcome

Registration: (see the button on the right)

Recognize / / 06-55413824

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